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New Haven Divorce Attorney

Getting divorced can be stressful and complicated. You will need to make decisions that will effect you and your family’s lives, economically and emotionally.

Lee Marlow, Counsellor at Law, has spent decades helping people like you. You can get accurate information regarding your options that’s easy to understand and will help you make educated decisions. He is a seasoned trial lawyer and negotiator who will not only fight for your rights in court, but can provide personal and insightful representation to help you and your family.

Attorney Lee Marlow represents clients with a wide variety of divorce-related issues, including:

  • High net worth divorce and complex divorce: When divorces require analysis of  assets such as closely held businesses, complicated executive compensation packages, valuation of qualified and non-qualified retirement accounts or significant real estate holdings, we work with forensic accountants, pension experts and other financial and tax specialists to help determine the value of all the marital assets and advocate for you to keep your equitable share.
  • Divorce Arbitration /Divorce Mediation: Attorney Marlow is a skilled negotiator who can guide his clients through the mediation or arbitration process. He has been certified by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as a Family Law Arbitrator. He has also been appointed by Connecticut Courts to serve as a Special Master, providing litigants with recommendations on all aspects of their divorce including: asset division, alimony at pretrial proceeding throughout the State of Connecticut.
  • Divorce agreements: When divorcing spouses can settle their financial and child-related issues out of court, or have few issues to settle, a simple divorce can proceed promptly without significant problems. Attorney Marlow has assisted many clients in obtaining quick and clean divorces.
  • Asset division: In Connecticut, assets are divided equitably in a divorce. However, the Court’s idea of what is equitable may be different than yours. By working with asset and business valuation experts, Attorney Lee Marlow fights to protect assets that are important to you and helps you keep your fair share of  the marital assets.
  • Marital agreements: Marital agreements, such as prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, separation agreements or stipulations to judgment, can reduce the potential for conflict by setting mutually agreed upon conditions for the inclusion of specified assets in the marital pot, asset division, alimony, child care and other related issues. Attorney Marlow is experienced and skilled in drafting these premarital and marital contracts in order to assist parties in self-determining how their cases will be resolved.

Attorney Lee Marlow can also assist you in obtaining a legal separations or annulment, and all divorce-related hearings.


Although sometimes courtroom litigation is unavoidable in a divorce, It is usually most financially and emotionally satisfying when, you are directly involved in resolution of disputes through negotiation or mediation.

The simple reason for this is that once the court becomes involved in your divorce, your fate is no longer in your hands. If you and your spouse can resolve the issues without the need of a trial, the result will be less expensive financially and emotionally, and therefore the best option for you and your family members.

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