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Divorce Arbitration

Arbitration is effective and efficient in helping parties resolve their disputes in divorce negotiations. A trial in court is not the only way to resolve these disputes, nor is it necessarily the best. In court you must use a judge you haven’t chosen, you must follow rules and procedures that can delay resolution, you can’t control the date, time or place of the trial, or when the decision will be made. Court trials also require you to “wash the family laundry” in public. Finally, even if you do well in court the judge’s decision is appealable which can result in more time and expense, both emotional and financial. However, if the parties and lawyers agree to arbitrate, you can:

  • Hand-pick the arbitrator;
  • Set the rules tailored for your hearing;
  • Pick the date time and location of the hearing;
  • Set the length of time the arbitrator will have to decide;
  • Make the hearing private; and
  • Prevent appeals

Lee Marlow is a seasoned family law attorney who has litigated diverse and complex divorces in Connecticut for more than 40 years. He is the past President of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an organization dedicated to promoting professionalism and excellence in the practice of family law. He’s had extensive arbitration training and is an AAML Certified Family Law Arbitrator. Using him as your divorce arbitrator provides many advantages over traditional litigation in court, including the ability to select a fair and qualified decision maker, enhancing the chances of receiving a fair and well-reasoned decision consistent with Connecticut law and the arbitration agreement, enhancing privacy and confidentiality, in some cases, cost savings and the ability to tailor the process in a way that works for you and provides you with flexibility convenience and finality. He has also been appointed by the court as a discovery special master.