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One of the most challenging issues for divorcing parents is determining appropriate and fair child support.

Just because the parents are parting ways, doesn’t mean the children should be cheated or that either party has to be responsible for an unfair portion of their support.

Lee Marlow, Counsellor at Law, represents clients in Connecticut who need to establish fair child support orders, either through agreement or in court. Lee Marlow is an experienced litigator and also acts frequently as an attorney for minor children and as a guardian ad litem who advocates for children by court appointment. Accordingly, he understands what needs to be done for the children. He works hard for the best deals for his clients.

Connecticut Child Support / Child Support Attorney in Milford, New Haven and All of Connecticut

Although child support in Connecticut is based on the Child Support Guidelines established by the Legislature, many factors influence which parent owes child support to the other and the amount of child support that is owed. The factors considered by the Court include:

  • Combined net income of the noncustodial and custodial parents
  • Children’s ages
  • Number of children
  • Medical, dental and other health care costs
  • Day care/child care costs
  • Special needs of the children

Although the amount set forth in the child support guidelines is presumed, there are certain reasons to deviate from the amount usually paid. In some cases, the range of child support amounts may vary based on the facts of the case, including the parties’ combined net incomes, the deviation criteria, if any, as well as the ability of each lawyer to present those facts to the judge.

If you choose the Law Offices of Lee Marlow to represent you, we can work for you to ensure that fair child support orders are entered that protect your interests and that of your children. If after orders are entered there is a substantial change in one of the parent’s financial circumstances, we can also assist you in securing a child support modification.

New Haven Alimony Attorney

Similar to child support, in Connecticut, alimony for a former spouse is awarded after the Court considers various legal factors. However, unlike child support, it is not controlled by guidelines.

Typically, alimony is awarded to a financially disadvantaged or dependent spouse, one who has fewer financial resources, a lesser earning capacity or significant parenting duties compared to the other partner in the marriage. The court also considers the property division awards when determining what amount of alimony is appropriate.

Attorney Marlow can discuss the specific detailed factors the Court considers and help guide you through the process whether you are attempting to secure alimony or defend against a claim for it by your spouse. Through financial discovery of marital financial records and investigation of the facts, Attorney Marlow can help determine an appropriate amount of alimony. In some cases, especially those where one of the parents is self-employed or owns a business, it may be recommended to obtain the assistance of forensic accountants or other experts, in order to determine a party’s true income and achieve the optimal result through negotiations or in court.

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