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People sometimes ask what the difference between arbitration and mediation is. Although, they are both voluntary processes that empower parties to make as many decisions for themselves as they can, the arbitrator is a decisionmaker, while the mediator tries to keep people talking productively until they can reach an agreement on their own.

Mediation encourages discussions in an effort to lead to a final resolution that is mutually beneficial. It gives the parties control over the outcome of their divorce rather than merely letting a judge who will hear a little bit about each of them, make a decision that will impact them forever. Importantly, mediation can set the tone of cooperation for the future and helps minimize the impact of divorce when there are children involved. If both parties agree to mediate, they can:

  • Emerge from a divorce with dignity and self-respect;
  • Protect family relationships;
  • Avoid the uncertainty and delay of adversarial divorce; and
  • Take control and commit to a final agreement

By mediating your divorce with Lee Marlow, you can reduce the cost and stress related to a divorce while working toward a full and fair agreement in a neutral and confidential environment. He’ll not only encourage and facilitate productive discussions, his skill and experience will assist you in covering and understanding all the divorce-related issues that need to be addressed, as well as to help you to understand the pertinent laws that control. Lee Marlow’s services include drafting or assisting you in drafting all the related court documents, including the final divorce agreement.


If you have decided to represent yourself in court or you and your spouse are attempting to resolve your divorce directly with a mediator, you still may want to have a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer working with you behind the scene. You can consult with Lee Marlow on an hourly basis so that you’re aware of court procedures and divorce-related laws that will make it easier for you to make important decisions and improve your chances of getting a favorable result. The benefits of legal coaching include:

  • More prepared to go to court or mediation on your own;
  • Use for all issues or for only a few;
  • Limit costs at a time of increased financial pressure;
  • More informed means better equipped to negotiate; and
  • More confidence means less anxiety