Appeals & Modifications

New Haven Appeals and Modifications Attorney

In his practice of Family and Matrimonial Law that has spanned more than a quarter of a century, Attorney Lee Marlow has handled numerous appeals to the Connecticut Appellate Court and Connecticut Supreme Court and has also litigated in the Supreme Court of the United States. Although he has handled appeals in various civil litigation matters, he now limits his appellate practice to appeals of judgments entered in the various Family trial court of the State of Connecticut, whether the appeals involve custody, property division, alimony, child support or a combination of related issues resulting from the Family trial courts’ orders.  He uses his extensive experience, considerable writing talents, as well as his ability to think on his feet to give his clients the best opportunity to be successful on appeal whether they are prosecuting the appeal or defending it.

Lee Marlow, Counsellor at Law, has also handled numerous motions for modification of trial court orders. Orders related to the division of property, including real estate, bank accounts, retirement funds and the assignment of responsibility for liabilities are final and non-modifiable. However, child support orders and orders for alimony are subject to modification based on a showing of a substantial change in circumstances since the controlling order was entered. This may be because one spouse is now making more, or the other less money than at the time of judgment, or a combination of both situations. Additionally, with regard to child support, orders may be modified upon a showing that the existing order deviates substantially from the child support guidelines without a finding by the court entering the order that the application of the guidelines would be inequitable or inappropriate.

Orders related to parenting-time, visitation and the custody of children are always modifiable. In making or modifying such orders the courts will consider the rights and responsibilities of both parents and shall enter orders that serve the best interests of the minor child or children.  Attorney Marlow can discuss the various statutory factors the court reviews to determine the best interests prior to the time it enters any modification of custodial orders.

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